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Broadcasting a program in realtime to countless viewers, or even setting up a One-to-one Chat with another person, are just two of the many things you can do on FC2 Live.

By registering (free) you can enjoy both viewing and broadcasting videos.

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You can watch countless free programs everyday on FC2 Live! By Signing Up (free) there are even more programs available for you to watch.

Program/One-to-one Chat

Broadcast a live chat in realtime to countless viewers, or even set up a One-to-one Chat with another person, at anytime for free.

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Use the "Favorites Notifications" function to receive notifications when your favorite programs begin, so you never have to miss another one again.

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There's no limit to how long you can broadcast. Feel free to begin and end when you feel fit.

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  • ※Users who already have an FC2ID; please add this service from the Management page after logging in.
  • ※Registering and broadcasting videos is completely free. In order to view certain pay-for broadcasts, a separate purchase of Points is required.

About Open Chat

There is no need to login to use Open Chat
Non-Members can also participate.

  • Programs can be viewed anytime they're On Air.
  • After a program has finished, you can still read or write comments.
  • After signing up for the service you can even broadcast your own programs.

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