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Hiring of Agents
Reward Return Rate
Highest in the industry
Highest in the industry
High Reward Return Rate

A performer employed by an agent will chat and earn points, in which 70% points will be paid as sales to the agent less service fee of 30%.*

* Separate fee may be charged.
Flexible point settings
Flexible point settings

Point setting per performer is available in FC2 Live. Flexible point setting according to the agent's management style is possible!

Exclusive management page
Exclusive management page
Payment made semimonthly
Payment made semimonthly
Free Registration fee/Renewal fee
Free Registration fee/Renewal fee
Register in 3 easy stepsSame day registration!
Obtain FC2 Account/Preparation of Bank Account
Login to FC2 Live
Send form
Enter required fields on application and send
Send form
Application form

If you have a broadcast account, please prepare a separate account for agent.

  • Does it cost anything to register as agent?

    Agent registration is free for individuals and business.

  • Please tell me what is required to register as agent.

    Immediately register with only a FC2 account and bank account. Any bank can be selected, however depending on the bank, intermediary bank(may be subject to extra fee) or foreign transaction might not be supported. For details, please inquire the bank about foreign wire transfer from America.

  • How long does it take from applying as an agent to completing the registration.

    Registration is completed once the application form is submitted, so immediate business is possible.

  • How do I redeem my points.

    Points will automatically be redeemed through wire transfer.

  • How long does the payment process take from the point acquisition?

    If the total acquired points is more than the minimum points for wire at the closing date, the point will be paid within a month from the acquried points. (Wire on 25th of same month for closing date on 15th, 10th of next month for closing date on 25th) However, if less than minimum, since the points will be carried-over, it will take more than a month. *Minimum wire point is the minimum point required for a wire to be performed, which the agent can freely adjust.

  • How much is the wire fee?

    If the wire amount of the acquired point is above 500,000 the fee is waived, but if its lower, there will be a fee of 10,000 points. If wire tranfser fails 3 times due to an error in information provided by agent, a fee of approximately $100 will be added to the agent for every failure afterward.

  • How will the payments be made to the performers?

    All acquired points of performers will be credited to the agent. The sales will be paid to the agent. Performer shall be rewarded by the agent.

  • Can an individual register as an agent?

    Anyone from individuals or business can register as agent. There are no difference in fee between individual or business.

  • Do the performers need a FC2 account?

    FC2 accounts are required for performers. Performer account can be created through the agent's management page.

When registering as an agent with a broadcast account
Relation between account and point

Please prepare a separate account for agent, if an account for broadcast is being used. If broadcast and agent account is the same, any points acquired through broadcast will not be added to the agent, and is not subject to automatic wire transfer. A redeem process is necessary through FC2ID.

How to apply points to agent?

In order to add the broadcast earning to agent(=subject to automatic wire), change setting so broadcast account is a performer affiliated to the agent. FC2 will process the configuration so please inquire through mail form.

  1. Obtain a new account for agent, and register as agent.
  2. Please convert or redeem any accumulated "reward point" or "redeemable point" in the broadcast account.
  3. Please send a "Broadcast account performer setting" request from the agent account.
  4. FC2 has sent a confirmation email regarding a setting process to the broadcast account, so please reply.
  5. A notification email will be send after the setting process has completed.
Requirements for process execution
  1. Converted to FC2 point already
  2. Replied to a confirmation email
Display broadcast page/point management page

After setting performer, "reward point" and "redeemable point" within the broadcast account will be "0pt”.

Application form

If you have a broadcast account, please prepare a separate account for agent.